Dream Motifs

Every once in a while, I dream that I’m driving a car from the back seat.

Almost always, I’m alone in the car.

I’m able to start the car and steer it somehow, but once I’m driving I can’t reach the accelerator or the brakes.

I used to dream pretty regularly that I could fly.  I would jump hard and catch the wind.

Sometimes I would come right back to earth, but a lot of times I could stay in the air and change direction, like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on the rooftops, and in the bamboo forest.

Often I fly to escape; I seem to be the only one with the ability.

Other times I fly for fun, just to go places.

Now that I think of it, when I fly in dreams I’m never in the city I’m living in; I’m always back in Olympia.

Or someplace like it.

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