Pandeiro, Pushhands, and Kale for Luke

So I saw this dude on a Pearl Drum promotional video playing the pandeiro and I wanted to learn it:

So I went to a pandeiro workshop today with the lovely Clarice Magalhaes (stalk her here and here).

It was fun.  Now I want to buy one, and practice it obsessively.   Clarice told me she used to have a 20 minute walk to the bus in Copacapana, so she would take her pandeiro out of her backpack and walk 20 minutes every day practicing the basic moves.  I made a remark that it seemed like a 1960s bossa nova song…  And the she showed us how to do a rulo, which none of the beginners could do.  She said, yah, it’s easy, and then did it with her finger, her elbow, her knee, the top of her head.  For some reason I was able to do the knee, the elbow, and the head, but not the finger.

Later I walked with Iris in Central Park, we watched a trio play Take Five… totally awesome.  Then walked around to roller derby.  I had to take off to grab something to eat before my Tai Chi meetup.  I ended up at Pop Burger.

I felt kind of junky, but it’s hard to eat healthy when you’re running between gigs, and honestly midtown delis are so…only for weekdays.

So taiqi class… it wasn’t like my class in Hangzhou, where an old master talks to us in Hangzhounese (which none of us spoke) and helped us improve our Yang form 24s.  Instead, it was more “push hands” which is a form of wrestling based on tai qi moves.  You plant your feet on the ground, and try to push someone off balance, without losing your own.  I found it interesting, and someday I might return to it, but I was a little disappointed it wasn’t what I thought it was.  Anyway, I need to do review my Yang form 24s for a good year before going back to that.  The folks were nice enough though.

Anyway, here’s a fond memory for Brisbane “Huggy” Luke  to talk about, it’s the side of kale I got at the Dirty Bird To-Go before bateria practice on Thursday.

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