Overheard at Salt and Pepper

I walked in to Salt and Pepper on 33rd Street today, and I saw the cook putting spaghetti onto the steam table.  Translated sloppily from the original Spanish.

COOK:  Hello cousin, how are you, we haven’t seen you in so long!  How have you been?

JP:  Fine thanks!  What about you all?  How is everything?

COOK:  Just fine!  Tell me what you want today?

JP:  Mmm, spaghetti and meatballs.

COOK:  Do you want cheese on top?

JP:  Sorry?

COOK:  Do you want me to put cheese on top of your spaghetti?

JP:  Of course!  How am I going to eat spaghetti and meatballs without cheese?  That would be….

DRUNK CUSTOMER (in English, as he is leaving the store):  Thank you, goodbye, I love you.

CASHIER:  You love me?  Ok, I love you too.

DRUNK CUSTOMER:  I love you too.  Just the normal I love you.  Not like Ricky.

JP:  Not like Ricky Martin?

CASHIER:  No, not like Ricky.

JP:  Poor Ricky, so many years with his secret.  Did you change the lighting in here?

CASHIER:  Yes, we changed the lights.  It’s brighter, more hygienic.   No more rats.  They don’t come out anymore.  It’s that they’re afraid, afraid of the light…  Rats, cockroaches…. Mexicans….

COOK (angrily):  SHH!

JP:  Ok, thank you gentlemen, I’ll see you all next time.


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