Forgot My Camera…

… so the photos came from my iPhone, which does not have a great supermacro.

To the far left is an italian sausage with peppers.  I was walking along 14th St. today and found a huge street fair on University Place off of Union Square.  There are all kinds of arepas, creps, gyros, and falafel, but only one italian sausage stand.  They grill them up in big coils.  When I walked up to the counter, the lady was already holding one, which she put into the taco holder when I asked for one.  Then a filipina appeared out of nowhere and said, to me, without any sort of greeting, “take a bite and tell me if it’s good.”   So I obliged; it was less salty than I had expected; herbier.  And not that juicy.  But still delicious.  The filipina ordered her own sandwich and then disappeared.

The middle picture is a tamal (pollo on mole) from the Chocolate Y Chiles stand.

The last picture is a pastrami on rye, with mustard and a tomato (Zucker’s Bagels).

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