Oh, it’s on…

Here’s a recipe for an Ojo Rojo; a delicious morning booze-up for next time you’re in Mexico.  Your Mexican friends might call it a “michelada con tomate” but our bartenders in Cozumel called it an “ojo rojo.”  (this recipe is for Huggy Luke in Brisbane)

  • Salt the rim of a pint glass by dipping the rim into a plate of water, then a plate of kosher salt.
  • Pour an ice cold beer into the glass.  Extra points if it’s a sunny Mexican brand.
  • Drop in two gloops of tomato juice.
  • Add a dash of vinegary hot sauce (like Tabasco) and a dash of Worcestershire
  • Add cracked black pepper
  • Squeeze a fat cheek of lime, drop the spent cheek into the drink
  • Enjoy and think well of me.

(serves one)


The doormen in Manhattan are going on strike tomorrow, unless management offers an acceptable contract.  I hope I can get my packages.


Overheard at Morgan’s Market

Noon.  Dust, a tumbleweed cross the cereal aisle.  I’m buying corn tortillas, and yes, I saw the Indonesian girl at the cash register.  She saw me too.  I pull the plastic bag off of some romaine lettuce, and drop in my cilantro.  I walk past the dairy to the cash register, where Indonesian girl is finishing with the guy in line in front of me.

Indonesian Cashier (to guy in front of me):  Gracias.

Guy in front of me:  Gracias a usted.  (leaves)

Indonesian Cashier (to me):  Can I help you?

Me:  Salam…

Indonesian Cashier:  Salam!  (not missing a beat)  Kumusta ka?

Me (gritting teeth):  Mabuti naman.  Ikaw?

Indonesian Cashier:  Mabuti rin.  $12.94.

Me:  Salamat.  Sige.

Indonesian Cashier:  Bye.

Me (under my breath):  Dammit!

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