Nobody told me?

Nobody told me there was a new fish and chips place on Rainier and Charleston!

Now I want to go back to Seattle.

So now, with in five blocks of my town house, there is a taco bus, a fussy pizza place, a super market, a Ross, a free ATM, an Ethiopian cafe, a handful of phở places, a south east asian market, a breakfast spot, an Italian cafe, a soul food place, a giant dim sum hall…

This video also made me home sick; it chronicles how the Sonics left Seattle; the slimy ambition of Clay Bennett, the arrogance of Howard Schultz, the bungling of Mayor Nichols, and the cluelessness of the Washington State Legislature.

Part of me is so sad that the Sonics are gone, like it’s a part of me that’s gone.  But when I think of the Sonics as a part of Clay Bennett, then I say good riddance.

The state legislature… they are so out of the loop it’s frightening.  They were on the wrong side of the viaduct, of the Sonics, of the monorail…  Imagine where the city would be now if the legislature didn’t knee-jerk no every Seattle proposal…

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