The Greatest Vocal Performance of All Time

I remember watching this video live; I was living at Steven’s Court in Seattle.  I was struck that although they get Whitney perfect in the recording studio, when she’s live on stage she is better.  She’s post-perfect.

This performance is stunning; you can see that she is working hard, sweating under the lights.  The musical expression is brilliant, and her interpretation… if you have any doubts, you can check the dozens of amateur and professional singers that have tried to copy this performance.  You’ll hear even accomplished singers chasing Whitney Houston’s notes, but none of them interpret the song convincingly… nobody else sings the song with any pain.  You can hear by the way she leads her band that she’s done Gospel music for decades.

Also, her voice itself is rich and beautiful.

It’s 2010 now, and I don’t want to hear her sing anymore; she’s shouted, over-sung, and smoked away her voice; showed everyone how insane she is.  But this performance is brilliant.  Everyone should see it, every singer should study it, there can be dissertations written about this performance.

If you know of a better performance, please send me the link.

One thought on “The Greatest Vocal Performance of All Time

  1. Remember when I found the live version as a b-side on vinyl for you to play on your roommate’s jukebox and you totally just lost the record? Ugh! that was the best find ever, especially since there was no downloading back then. But you lost it!


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