Springtime in Manhattan

The warm weather has finally come back to Manhattan, and my social calendar is starting to fill up again.

Today I went with J to Times Square for karaoke league party.  Yes, there was a bomb scare there a couple days ago, but yawn.  As I walked past the ABC/ESPN news board, I saw that the Suns were wearing “Los Suns,” which instantly made me a fan.  The club I was meeting J at is on West 46th Street, which is Little Brazil, but I only had 30 minutes to eat, so I ducked in for some Indian food.  While I was eating, I heard J’s voice at the cash register (I imprint on voices the way most people imprint on smells) and I turned around and yelled him over to my table.  I had lamb curry and mustard greens; J had lamb biriyani and only ate about a quarter of it.  We tried to give the rest of it to some homeless people but we honestly couldn’t find any… in Times Square!  Stupid Bloomberg!  J even went into the subway station….

Anyway, we were out at the party until eleven, and then took the 1 train back to Battery Park City.  When I got in….

When I got in my LP pandeiro had arrived in the mail, and I was so excited, Bloco asked me to open it in the lobby.  I had been regretting that I hadn’t held out for a more expensive Contemporanea but I am kind of in love with this LP that I now own.  It’s light and it’s jangles are subtle.  I still have to pull the ring and tape the back, but I’m totally in love with it.  I should find a soulful portuguese name for her…

Tomorrow is laundry night. Thursday is a technical rehearsal with Manhattan Samba, and Friday is the Samba New York workshop, Thai food, and A’s party.  Saturday is prolly wedrepco, and Sunday is something else, not sure yet.

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