Mother’s Day Weekend

So I’ve joined two samba percussion groups here in Manhattan, and I’ve been practicing on my own and gaining my chops back. Friday night at rehearsal, for the first time in my life my left hand grip felt correct (I only played matched grip in high school), and so I’ve been been obsessively trying to get that into muscle memory.

After that we went to the Thai restaurant, just like we have for the last three Fridays. The staff there now says “see you next week” to us. After dinner I walked over to Koreatown to meet A and the crew for her birthday karaoke party. We didn’t stay too long, ended up crossing the street to Woorijip for some late night noodles.

Summer is coming up, which means we’ll be playing samba gigs… in front of people! And the though I am really enjoying everything about playing
samba, the only thing real drag about gigging with big groups is figuring out what to wear. Unfortunately, for Samba this means I’m up against the Latino compulsion to wear white pants. Guh. And since there’s a paid gig at the end of this month, I though I should tow the line and get my white pants. Believe me, I tried to bargain (what about white cargo shorts? no? guh!).

So Saturday I was all over the department stores in the Garment District to try to find white pants that fit around my butt. It was annoying. I ended up finding a cheap pair of pants at Century 21, which is one of the levels of hell. There are no fitting rooms, only staff who will tell you angrily that there’s a 30 day return policy. Hmph. I saw a lot of ugly pants there, including some that were only $100, marked down from $800. Yah right!

Betty White hosted SNL.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and I was texting her all day. I had sent her a pretty purse hook that doubles as a compact mirror. I love my mama.

Early that afternoon I met J, a friend of mine from Hangzhou, and we went to S’s one-act shows up on 43rd Street. So now I can say I’ve been to the theater in the Theater District. It was a fun afternoon, S is a honest-to-God New York City playwright, and a talented one at that!

After the show, we took the Q train down to Canal, and had some dinner at 69 Bayard. General Tso Chicken, green beans in garlic sauce, hot and sour soup. Not very authentic.

Then we walked around the corner to the Whiskey Tavern, where Bartender Rob recognized me, shook my hand, and poured me and J some drinks on the house. J and I sat there and told stories for a few hours. He’s moving to San Francisco in a few days to see about a girl, so he’s now in Goodbye mode, something I got pretty familiar with myself last year.

After a few more picklebacks on the house (!) we went back to 69 Bayard… this time with both of us speaking Chinese to everyone. We got more hot and sour soup, and I asked for something authentic… and the waiter suggested 炒河粉, (aka beef chow fun, beef lo mein). It was pretty awesome.

Today at the office I was doing my work, but all I wanted to do was get home and practice my pandeiro. I really want to get good at that.

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