Laundry Night Notes

It’s Wednesday night, and I’m doing laundry.

Monday night was dedicated to grocery shopping and pandeiro practice.  Too many picklebacks the night before (on the house!)

Tuesday night, last night, was karaoke league.  We’re on teams of six; my team was called “That’s What She Said” (Eu!) but by the end of the night we were still playing the name game.  Next week we’re going to be “The Craigslist Killers.”   My team went 1-2 in head to head competition against a team that was running through choreography when we rolled in late and clueless.  We’ll be come out strong next week.  J, K, and I share a karaoke philosophy that I should write about someday.

Tomorrow I’m rehearsing with Manhattan Samba; Friday I have Suíngue Carioca, probably followed by Thai food.  On Saturday, La S is in town for a few days.  She’s crashing here, and I’ve got Monday off to show her around.   It’ll be whatever she wants to do on Sunday and Monday, except for Sunday morning; Manhattan Samba’s playing at the AIDS Walk in Central Park.

I’m learning three instruments at the moment:

  • The caixa, which is the snare drum for samba.  I’m no longer a beginner and I’m not the worst player in either group anymore.  I’m getting my playing chops back, at this point, just working on consistency, stamina, and speed.
  • The tamborim, a deceptively loud and technically challenging little drum, that I’m playing on the side.  I’m starting to learn the turning technique.
  • The pandeiro… this is the crack drum.  It’s like a whole drum kit that fits in your backpack.   At the beginning of Clarice’s pandeiro workshop, she said that the first thing we’d do is touch our pandeiro all over…. and then hug it.  We thought it was weird at first but now I get it.  I get it.  If I could quit my job right now, I’d move to Brazil and spend my days studying Portuguese in the morning and pandeiro at night.   Then I’d come back to the states and be a pandeiro guru, organizing pandeiro circles, getting sponsored by drum companies…

I’m seriously debating taking up the repinique at this point as well.  We’ll see.

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