Thursday Night and some Blog Post Ideas.

After work today I stopped at Woorijip for a little bite to eat: a few pieces of karaage, some acorn jelly, two potato croquettes, a little nest of spicy noodles, and some brown rice. It was less than a pound. After that I took the (6) to rehearsal.

There were only two caixas at rehearsal today, which is wild, because I could actually hear myself. I’m really comfortable playing the caixa now; the technique is all there and my chops are pretty good now; I can just focus on getting the part down.

Afterwards I hopped back on the (6) but got off at Union Square for a slice of artichoke pizza. So cheesy, but expensive cheesy; that pizza tastes like a cheese course. I’m going to take la S there when she gets in this weekend.

So here’s some blog post ideas I’ve been mulling over:

  • my karaoke manifesto
  • "no pain no gain" is 100% unnecessary for language learning
  • how to crack a cucumber
  • what *exactly* is wrong with tacos in Manhattan (a photo essay)
  • why Battery Park City is an awesome place to live
  • the posts in this blog that are actually well written

Tomorrow night is an other samba rehearsal and Thai food. I’m looking forward to sticky rice.

One thought on “Thursday Night and some Blog Post Ideas.

  1. Are we voting? Tacos and cucumber. Wait, those sound awkward together.

    I thought of you yesterday at the grocery store, where there were six different corn tortilla choices. Three or four brands, white and yellow corn.


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