Weekend Highlights

I took the day off tomorrow to show la S around.

Friday night after rehearsal we didn’t go to Thai food; B said he had gotten sick the last time. So instead we went two doors down, to Burgers & Cupcakes. There was some confusion as to what comprised a portobello mushroom burger, so the waitress ended up giving us all the leftover pizza and a tray full of cupcakes. Also, C sold me a tamborim practice head, that allows me to work on the virada in the comfort of my apartment. That little drum is freakishly loud.

What happened yesterday… nothing. I bought white cargo shorts, because I didn’t want to wear white long pants (de rigeur for samba) until I absolutely had to.

This morning I woke up late, so I ended up taking a cab to Central Park. I found the group by chance; caught a glimpse of some drums going up a hill. Playing the AIDS Walk was wild; dozens of people stopped in front of us to shake it… HARD. I was in hundreds of pictures today.

When we finished, there was a micro pandeiro parade with S and G to Jackson Hole. The burgers were huge.

There’s a bun under there somewhere.

La S should show up any minute now.

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