What have you done for me lately?

The title of this post is the current “reflection question” I have posted on my Facebook status, along with the requisite “ooh ooh ooh yah”  (here’s the video, if you haven’t seen it in a while and need a good chuckle).

Here’s the weekly wrap up.  It’s Friday night, and I’m choosing to spend a quiet night alone in my apartment.   Tomorrow is another story.

Tuesday night was karaoke league, and my team, the Craigslist Killers went 1/1/1 on the night, and more points than the other team (although points don’t count).  Our winning number was a group “I’ll Make Love To You” and it won because of some sight gags we had.  I stayed until the free sing to workshop some possible numbers.  Didn’t work out.  Got home late.

Wednesday night I met S at the spinning cube at Astor Place.  We walked to the Tuck Shop on St. Mark’s for a pie and a Cooper’s Stout.  There was a walk, and then later there was Artichoke Pizza.  There was another walk, and imagine that, we ended up at the Whiskey Tavern, where they poured us a pickleback.  Such nice folk.  S’s friend D joined us, hilarity ensued.

Last night I was really tired from the night before, and struggling with allergies, but I went to Manhattan Samba rehearsal anyway (warning:  that link has ambush audio).  My chops were sluggish, and I had a hard time keeping up on caixa.  Thank goodness there were carnitas tacos at El ídolo afterwards.

So tonight I’m hanging out.  Some of my friends are gigging uptown, but I’m too exhausted.  Tomorrow there will be karaoke, and Sunday is the Philippine Independence Day parade to clown on.

I was lamenting the lack of Mexican and Vietnamese food in Manhattan, and somebody mentioned that it was a kind of narrow set.  I realized my laments had a West Coast bias; those foods ARE the default cheap and delicious foods available back home, along with teriyaki and Thai food.  What are the default foods here?  Pizza, sandwiches, deli salads, falafel, hotdogs, bagels.  French fries.  Those foods are all very good here.  (yawn).

I’m thinking about going to quicky mart for a bag of chips and a half pint of ice cream.  I’m allowed to think about it.

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