Pandeiro Asterisk

This one has a happy ending.

So when I bought my pandeiro, they said you can tape the underside of the head to reduce the overtones. I didn’t really notice any thing at first, but I wanted to tape it up because all the guys on the youtube videos had theirs taped up. So I made the box with the x-pattern and didn’t think much of it.

Now that I’ve been playing it for a month, and especially playing with other folks who own the more expensive Contemporanea pandeiros, I noticed my pandeiro kind of sounded junky… oh, that’s what overtones sound like! Meanwhile, my friends with Contemporanea pandeiros had lovely sounds, with no tape at all.

So I decided to peel off my box X pattern, and it was painful. Some of the tape was sticking to the very thin goatskin head, and I felt like it was ripping. I almost wanted to cry. But I didn’t. Anyway, once the tape was all off, I played it and it sounded like… JUNK. Even more garbagey than with the box X pattern.

I thought about it for a while, and I decided to tape it back up, with a different pattern this time. I chose an asterisk pattern, three lines crossing in the middle. I got it a little off center though, it’s slightly askew. I thought about pulling the tape again to center it, but I didn’t want to hear the ripping sounds anymore…. so instead I put a thumb on it… and it sounds AWESOME now! Perfect! Deep, with no overtones!

So the slightly offcenter askterisk stays where it is. Forever.

Update:  And now the humidity has changed, and so some overtones are back.  Hmph.  It still sounds better than before, though.

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