How I watched the England vs. USA match

Today I subwayed with J up to Amsterdam 106, where J’s soccer team was waiting for us with a table. I don’t usually make it up to the Upper West Side, but the team had a match at 4pm just a few blocks from the bar. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, the bar was full and there weren’t going to be enough seats for all of us.

They did some last minute texting, and we decided to watch the match at R’s apartment, a few blocks away in the Manhattan Valley (which in rougher times was just called "Harlem"). We watched most of the World Cup match there, but when it became clear that the club match was not going to get delayed, they walked down to their match and I… was by myself! with 20 minutes left in a tied world cup match!

I thought I spotted an empty Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam Ave, so I bee lined it… and nearly didn’t notice Purple Mohawk staring me in the face! I shook his hand and tried to behave like a person… I think he realized I had the match on my mind. What’s funny is that I used the word "football."

I got into Taquería y Fonda La Mexicana, where they had the match on Univisión. I sat and had a torta milanesa and watched the end of the match. Then I came home and took a nap. At 11pm I’ll meet L and P at Café Dante; we’re playing SOBs at 1am.

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