Glorious Weekend

I haven’t had this much sustained, consecutive days of fun since J, Cookie, B and I went to Taiwan.   (I miss those guys)

Project Friday

S texted me at 8:30 in the morning to meet at her house to watch USA vs. Slovenia.  As I was leaving I grabbed the full bag of maseca that C had sent me, to regift to S.   I was running late, so I took a cab there; I’m so fancy.  After the match, S, Belgie, and D all went to Jane.  D and I ordered the moules frites:

S ordered a big burger and Belgie had some crab something.  After lunch we stopped at the store for ice cream and then back to S’s place to watch the afternoon match (England vs. Algeria).

After that S and I went crazy… we decided to take on a project:  fresh corn tortillas.

We found a tortilla press at the kitchen store.  Then we hit Citerella for some supplies, and returned to the apartment.

We weren’t hungry, but we made a snack with a tomato and some fresh garlic that smelled like love.

After that, we made the tortillas.  There’s a photo series of the process here.  The final product looked like this:

We made tacos with some pan fried cod.  Oh yes, and with deep fried soft shell crab:

It was delicious.  Friday ended up being a glorious day, with a delicious project and very little hunger.  There was also some vodka and soda involved.


I met P at the Chambers St. Station at 11am.  We got on the 2 train to Brooklyn and met Maracuja and L on the subway platform.  From there we took another subway to Sunset Park, and walked up the street to Pacificana and had dim sum.  I sat at the point position and put on my dim sum boss persona.  The dim sum was better than the place in Manhattan I had been to before; the shrimp wasn’t too shrimpy.  Most of the dishes were greatest hits, although L was pretty excited about some “jack fruit” cookies.  We worked out later that ‘jack fruit” is durian.  Later some durian pockets came by, and we tried a little plate.

Durian is funny.  One second I smell it, and it smells like fruit; the next second it smells like butt.  L said, “you know, sooner or later, everybody’s gotta eat a little but.”  I told her I’d write that down.

Anyway, the durian pockets grossed everyone out.  I didn’t finish mine.

After Pacificana, we took a long walk through Brooklyn.  We stopped at Sunset Park and pulled out our emergency instruments:

We continued our walk thorough Brooklyn, past the cemetery, where we saw some of the famous Brooklyn parrots.  L and P went on a mission for horchata and jamaica concentrate.  Later P, Maracuja, and I ended up in Prospect Park, playing pandeiro until our hands turned to claws.


I don’t even know how to start to describe Sunday.  It started with a lox, cream cheese, tomato, onion, and capers on a toasted poppyseed bagel:

I got in the car with Rafaele o italiano, and Aussie Larissa, and we followed o Maestro in his minivan all over the Bronx to find o vadinho, all the while listening to the Italy vs. New Zealand match on the radio.

Finally we found o vadinho and drove up to Bridgeport, CT.  Our gig was at the Cape Verde clubhouse, where they had blocked off the street with a sound truck, set out a big screen, and then had the Brazil vs. Ivory Coast projected on the wall in the dance hall.  We started watching the game playing a little pandeiro, but once Brazil started scoring, the real drums came out.

Unfortunately the drummerazzi came out as well, and they followed us when we went outside and played on the street.

After the gig, I rode home with Rafaele o italiano, who explained an elaborate theory of how FIFA is totally fixed.  And that his name is really Ralph.

Later I had a pork chop noodle soup.

Later Maracuja confided in me that he was disappointed in the gig.  For me, though, it was another wild experience with these New York characters who I’ll have to say goodbye to later this week.

And that was my glorious weekend.

Today I scrubbed out the bathroom and tried to find a someone to sublet.  I went to Samba New York class, and thai food afterward, as usual.  I ordered crispy noodle, which was no longer crispy because they drowned it in sauce.

Finally, here’s a look at some feijao tropeiro, which is delicious.

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