Who wants a piece of me?

It’ s my last 4 days in New York City, and if you’re in town, and you’d like to see me before I go, please join me!  Here’s the plan.


  • 10 am World Cup Soccer, Brazil vs. Portugal.  Meet at 9:30 at Brazil Brazil Restaurant.
  • 2:30 pm World Cup Soccer, Chile vs. Spain and Switzerland vs. Honduras.  Meet 2:00 at Mudville 9.
  • 7 pm Dinner in Chinatown.  Llocation to be determined
  • 10 pm picklebacks at The Whiskey Tavern.
  • 12 am karaoke party at The Parlour (Upper West Side)


  • 2:30 pm World Cup Soccer, USA vs. Ghana.  Location to be determined.
  • 8 pm Manhattan Samba gig:  Brazilia Grill (Newark, NJ).  Meet at 6pm at PATH Station  (World Trade Center)


  • 12 pm Manhattan Samba gig:  NYC Gay Pride Parade.  5th Avenue.  Meet 11 am at 5th Ave and West 38th St.

Monday is reserved for a doctor’s appointment, a Samba New York! rehearsal, and packing/shipping belongings.   Tuesday evening is my flight to Las Vegas!  Let me know if you can join me for any of the events above!

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