Empty sky and crickets. Oh well.

There’s a danger that while I’m in Las Vegas every post will have some kind of desert cliche. Right now I’m sitting under an immaculate purple-blue sky, the sun has set over the mountains. It’s the 4th of July today, so instead of the deafening silence I can hear the occasional firework in the distance, and some neighbor is playing Mexican radio; it’s faint though, and far away.

I’m enjoying my time here in the desert but I’m suffering from a severe lack of physical exertion. Today for fun I did some laundry and bought a new battery of underwear and socks. I looked for meetups to join or classes to take but found squat. Tomorrow I might buy myself a new bp cuff, the kind that goes around the wrist. At this point I’m buying stuff just to have something to do. I’ve considered joining a gym. Or yoga. Or tai chi. We’ll see.

I’ve been watching the History Channel a lot here, I’m pretty surprised at how sophisticated it’s gotten. It used to be just narration and zooming into and out of photos. Now they’re using sexy actors in emotional scenes, slow motion CG graphics following bullets from the explosion in the musket chamber all the way to where the bullet shatters a clavicle and bone shards rip muscle tissue; not to mention manipulative music and sunlit celebrity soundbites.

The worst is that due to my injury (fingernail vs. chef’s knife) I can’t play pandeiro, ukulele, or even tamborim comfortably. The only thing I can practice is caixa, which is kind of a snorefest. I’ve also learned how to type without that finger.

Venus has risen in the western sky.

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