My Kingdom for a Fried Egg!

Here’s what I had for breakfast this morning… a hash made out of Yukon Golds, Fuji apples, shallots, and…  if you can guess what the “meat” is,  well, just don’t tell the white people.

The plan was to top it with a fried egg, sunny side up.  Unfortunately I was trying to multitask at the stove, and I tried to flip the egg in the pan.  Half of it ended up on the heating element.  The second egg I tried to fry had frozen in the fridge (there’ s a cold spot in the back) and so that turned out crappy and didn’t make the photograph.  The hash itself was delicious, though.

Andy saw this image and immediately set up a blog called “Don’t Tell The White People

Then The Food Pornographer of Perth, Australia posted this post, and I thought the global coincidence was just too much to ignore.

I’m not sure what tomorrow’s breakfast will be, but I think it might involve tonight’s tortillas.

Tomorrow’s desert mission:  to buy a cheap, tacky, lasvegasy casino wallet.  I’ll keep my casino club cards in it, and my debit card OUT of it.

One thought on “My Kingdom for a Fried Egg!

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