As Epic As Possible

Here’s a video of some of my photos from July to November 2009.

  • Locations:  Shanghai, Seattle, Las Vegas, New York City.
  • Music:  American Boy by Estelle

I will probably have two more photo mashup videos coming out in the next few days, and should have another one after my big road trip.

Speaking of the road trip, some more details are falling into place:

  • My mama might ride along from Las Vegas to San Francisco, overnight stop in Mammoth Lakes.
  • Three nights in San Francisco with cowsins; mama flies home to Vegas.
  • Solo trip to Sacramento, stay at G’s place over night.
  • Open road the next morning with G, up the Pacific Coast; stop when we get tired.
  • Late lunch in Portland with G’s friends
  • Arrive in Olympia.

Haven’t yet decided if I’ll spend that night in Seattle or Olympia.  G flies back to Sacramento after the weekend; me, I’m back in Seattle to start work again.

It’s been an amazing 3 year adventure since I left Seattle; I intend to make this last leg of the journey as epic as possible.

3 thoughts on “As Epic As Possible

  1. One of our favorite places to eat in Oregon, Vancouver, WA are the Burgerville restaurants. Not an In-and-Out, or Dick’s, but great seasonal food, including seasonal shakes and drinks, if your not very hungry. The one in the Vancouver, WA area near the WSU branch campus is very collegial and sells beer and wine. Have a great, safe trip.


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