…As the summer stretches on.

So my casino habits have been evolving.  I played slots for a while, until that got boring.  Then I decided I only wanted to play the fancy slots with the stereo sound and the crazy bonus features, like Wizard of Oz and Monopoly, because at least if I was going to feed my money to the casino, I wanted to be entertained.  Then I moved on to video poker,which seems to be a better bet than slots, just because you can choose to hold and draw cards; yes, it may be an illusion.  In any case, winning big at bingo last week put me off of video poker, and gave me a slightly favorable view of bingo, which like slots is a sit-and-wait game, but unlike slots, you lose at the rate of only $20 per hour.  Anyway, there was no joy at bingo the second night, so I’m off bingo.

To be honest, the only reason I play in the casino is because I’m waiting for someone else, someone who seems to enjoy it.  So I play along.  I think I’m done playing though… bored of it as the summer stretches on.

Here’s what I’ve been up to instead:

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