Great Pacific Coast Roadtrip of 2010

I made an itinerary of my roadtrip on Google Maps. I saved a private copy, here’s a public copy without any personal details and some extra info.  If you’d like to edit it (drop in suggestions, comments, questions, etc) please feel free to drop a pin or two!  If you want to suggest an alternate route, feel free, just please leave the original route where it is.

If you click on the photo or link above, it will take you to the Google Maps window, where it actually lives.  UPDATE:  if you click on the link or photo and it takes you to the Western Pacific, don’t panic!  Just zoom out, find your bearings, and then zoom into the West Coast of the USA.

3 thoughts on “Great Pacific Coast Roadtrip of 2010

  1. hpmike,

    haha. Zoom out and check out the California and Oregon Coasts. I’ve been pinning other spots in the world, maybe google is confused!


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