Allz I got left to do…

On Friday mama and I hit the road for San Francisco via Mammoth Lakes on the first leg of my grand tour, “Road Trip 2010, Leg I:  Filthy Delicious.”  Woohoo!  This is going to be my last hurrah of the summer; the last hurrah, actually, of my three year break from high school teaching.  I’ve heard that there are rosters out; students know that I’m their teacher next year.  Meanwhile I’m nowhere near mentally prepared to start teaching; I’ve got the big two part road trip first, then the 20 year reunion, then the triumphant arrival back in the 206… and then… then I’m writing syllabuses and drawing seating charts (sounds of screaming in terror).

(“Syllabuses,” because it’s an etymologically Greek word, not a Latin -ibus, -ibi noun.  I learned this from Facebook).

Anyways, I got a total of one day left in Las Vegas.  I’m all packed now, so really allz I got left to do is a little load of laundry, burn some CDs for the trip… maybe some pasalubong, but I got time to do that in San Francisco.  My postcards are sent, even; the  next round of postcards to my friends around the world will be from Seattle, Washington.

I’ve enjoyed Vegas this time, especially spending quality time with my mama.  I don’t hate Vegas the way I used to anymore; or maybe I’ve learned to avoid or overlook the things I hate about Vegas.  I leave the desert having won more from casinos that I’ve lost, I’ve gotten to eat all the good Mexican food, Vietnamese food, and in & out burgers that you cannot get in Shanghai or New York City.  In Vegas I’ve learned to appreciate bingo, the ukulele, and valet parking.  I joined a gym and did a round of smile whitening strips.

When I decided to leave Seattle three years ago, I was bored, boring, and burnt out.  And oh, it was a hard decision.  Now, after having lived in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Manhattan, and Las Vegas, I kind of fear going back to beautiful and delicious Seattle and being bored again.  I do love Seattlites, I like how we keep it real, but it’s possible that we’re afraid of having fun.  I’m not going to run for social chairman or anything, but I do intend to spend a lot more time kickin’ it.

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