Road Trip: The Final Stretch

You can see all my road trip photos on Facebook (public link), or check them out on my Flickr set. Updated as we go.

Day 5

Cowsin J got called in to work, so I met Cowsin F by myself down by her office.  We went to the Happy Chef and had a delicious lunch of hunan fish, 干边四季豆, and hot sour soup.  We talked about family, of course, and how funny everyone is.

Later I found my way to Ocean Beach and chilled at the Java Beach Cafe in the Sunset for a while.  After that it was time to hit the road again, so I said goodbye to my auntie and uncle and followed the signs to G’s house in Elk Grove.

I got to Elk Grove around 9pm and met G’s family in their palatial mansion, across the street from a cult compound.  G and I caught up a little and then went to bed early.

Day 6

The next morning after some Starbuck’s sandwiches, G and I got in the car and made our way to Fort Bragg on the California coast.  It was a bit chilly for summer, and as damp as you can expect the ocean to be.

The drive up the coast was spectacular.  There was more at-grade, tightly curvy passages, and after a while, I felt like they were giving my abs a workout.  I need to strengthen my core.

We stopped at Lucerne, CA for lunch, at a Thai restaurant on Clearlake.  We ordered pork larb, beef in red curry, and papaya salad, which we asked for spicy and it arrived not that spicy.  I teased the waitresses about the papaya salad not being spicy enough.

Later on G and I started craving fish and chips, so we found an Irish Pub in Eureka.  The fish and chips were pretty good; expensive, and the service in that restaurant was sloooowww we were there for two hours.  Outside of Eureka we got gas, and were offered weed by a very enthusiastic and dirty man in a dirty, beat up truck.  We declined, of course.

We took a detour to see a roadside attraction:  the Drive Thru Tree.  G paid $5 and we drove through the one lane road that winded through the lovely forest property until the Drive Thru Tree itself.  We drove through the tunnel that had been carved in the enormous redwood and then skipped the gift shop.  The whole ordeal was 5 minutes long, and I told G I’d win his $5 at video poker.

On the way to Crescent City there were more windy roads at grade.  G was taking his shift at the wheel.  We came around one corner to find a big owl sitting in the middle of our lane, looking the other way.  It was too late to do anything, so we run over that poor owl.   It would have been dangerous to pull over on that windy highway; G was pretty freaked out, so I didn’t start clowning on him until later.  We found a hotel in Crescent City:  the Curly Redwood Lodge, and checked in for the night.

Day 7

We checked out of the Curly Redwood and found the Chart Room in Crescent City’s harbor; I ordered a polish sausage and some scrambled eggs; G got a crab omelet.

From there it was just a short drive to the Oregon border.  We stopped in North Bend (Coos Bay) for lunch at the Plank House in the Mill Casino.  I went to win G’s Drive Thru Tree money back, and dropped all the cash in my wallet… all of three dollars… into a video poker machine, which wasn’t paying.  Went instead to the Plank House Restaurant, and I ordered some pan fried seafood in Bearnaise sauce; G had a chicken cobb salad.

More driving, then we got gas in Newport.  G went into the shop to buy himself a soda, and I had already started pumping gas when the attendant called out “I’ll be with you in a second, sir” at which point I realized it’s against the law to pump your own gas in Oregon.  Whoops.

The next stop was Lincoln City, where we went to the Pacific Ocean one last time before heading inland to Portland.  We made it here, and met G’s old friend N.  They hadn’t seen each other in years; we had burgers at the brewpub on Hawthorne, and then decided to go to N’s house, where his friends were gathered around a firepit.  By that time it was late, so we crashed at N’s house, me in a guest futon, G on the living room sofa.

So I just got a call from the school, apparently I had been expected at an orientation today. I remember being told I wouldn’t be expected at orientation… whoops.  Also, I never received an information packet; I told them to send stuff to my Vegas address pre-roadtrip, and my Seattle address post-roadtrip.  They said just now that they had sent the packet, but I never got nothin’ in Vegas!

Oh well.  They want me to come in on Monday now, which is a day earlier than I had planned.  I’ll worry about it later, I’m still on vacation today.

Today:  drop G off in Tumwater, check out my townhouse in Columbia City, then high school reunion tonight!

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