No place like home.

So the Great Western Road Trip of 2010 is over, I’m back in Seattle.  Huge ups to my favorite mama and my boy G, who are both awesome.  There are several stories from the road to tell, but they’ll have to wait until I get a moment to write.

Here are some highlights that I’ll write about later:

  • Mama in the hotel, looking for Trader Joes and pho.
  • Matilde telling me to go over the San Mateo Bridge.
  • being tourists with cowsin J
  • lunch with cowsin F
  • G’s palatial mansion, his lovely family, his matakaw love for papaya salad.  Snoring and earplugs.  Hitting an owl.  Drive-Thru tree.  Getting next-timed.  Clowning on the Miata.  Meeting N in Portland.
  • Reunion overload, achoring vs. flitting
  • Getting the house in order.

The reunion was a blast, it was great to see everyone again.  Unfortunately I couldn’t make the daytime event… you would understand, if you saw what kind of shape my townhouse was in.  Nothing a little elbow grease can’t fix, and on the whole my tenants were perfectly fine; I just need to get the carpet cleaned and have someone come in and scrub a little, and then I’ll start buying furniture.

At the moment I’m sitting in Grand Central Bakery.  The weather is cold and wet, and there is a/c blowing on to me.  My coffee is cold, and I haven’t showered yet.  In a moment I’ll shut down the laptop, head to the store and buy shaving cream, shower gel, and shampoo.  I’ve scheduled my cable internet hookup for Wednesday.  Then… then I’m not sure.  There are walls to scrub, morning glory to pull, aunties to visit.

Lots of work to do… I miss the heat and leisure of summer already.  Mostly I miss my mama, and I miss clowning with G.  But in spite of all that, still, there’s no place like home.

2 thoughts on “No place like home.

  1. Click your heels 3 times “There’s no place like home…There’s no place like home…There’s no place like home…” and then you’re back to black and white. Was it all a dream? Maybe.


  2. Doesn’t it feel good to be back in the PNW with all of it’s cold and abundant coffee? The weather always gets me excited because it means that college football season is on the way and (he writes against his better judgement) the Huskies should have a very exciting season.


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