My Own Personal Twilight Zone

The video doesn’t have anything to do with my own personal twilight zone; it’s my Uncle Ray playing my sister’s baritone ukulele.  He’s making something up as he goes, and Auntie Rosaling is in the kitchen clowning on him in harmony as she cooks.

So I’ve been back in Seattle for a week now, back at work, back in the classroom.  I’m so glad to be back, but I must say that Seattle seems tiny to me now; tiny and sleepy.  And empty; where are all the people?

Yesterday was my first day of classes, and I didn’t have time to prepare as I would have liked.  Oh well.  The twilight zoney thing about that day was that as I walked from one building to another, I was chilly, and there was mist in my face; a feeling that brought me back. It was as though I had stepped into a parallel universe that is exactly the same as my past.  The chill, I thought, was unreasonable, and the mist was over the top.

The story of today was how I went driving around and came back with a meat pounder, a can opener, a spatula, crock pot, and finally a desk/chair/bookcase set they call “office in a box.”   I put the office in a box together myself, and now I’m no longer sitting pathetically on the carpet to use my laptop.

Now that that is accomplished, I’m going to impose a moratorium on new purchases for the next month.

Here’s my latest thought about being back in town:  If folks want to see you again, they will make plans with you.  If they don’t make plans with you, they don’t want to see you.  I realize this is an “if A then B; not B, therefore not A” logical fallacy, but people set their priorities, and if they don’t set you high enough on the priority list to make time for you, you shouldn’t bust their chops for it.  Instead, you should make plans with folks you can rely on.  That way, at least, you’ll have plans.

This is very similar to my latest theory on staying in touch with people who are far away.  If your friends want to stay in touch with you, they will.  If they don’t, it’s because you didn’t make their priority list.  You can try to a certain point to keep yourself in their thoughts, but there’s not use being a chump for someone who doesn’t want to talk to you anymore.

Tomorrow is a cowsin reunion, followed by my first rehearsal with Vamolà.  Right now, my body says sleeeep.

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