It was all a dream…

So this past week was my first full week back in the classroom, and although I am glad to be back, it is weird.  It’s like the past three years have been a dream, and I’m back to a strangely familiar world I’m not sure I belong in anymore.  The students are fine, my colleagues are fine, I just feel like I’m a different person now.  Or at least I want to be.

When I came back I promised myself I wouldn’t go back to the life I was bored of; I’m going to do new things, be more social, work smarter and have more fun.  On Thursday night I went to Vamolà rehearsal; afterward there was a drink and a pizza at the Fiddler’s Inn up in Wedgewood.  They seem like a nice bunch, and they all described themselves as samba addicts.

On Friday after school I went with B down to Duke’s Chowder House for the happy hour.   Earlier in the week I  had declared a karaoke warning, but when it came down to it, it was just me, B, and R.  We ended up down at Bush Garden, but in the middle of the karaoke, we took a break for Chinese food at Honeycourt Seafood.  The fortunes of the various Cantonese restaurants around Seattle are always shifting; I have a hunch that Jade Garden‘s moment has passed, and Honeycourt is once again the it-spot for Cantonese food.  Both the 公心菜 and the 核桃虾 were head and shoulders better than any I’ve ever ordered in North America or in China.  Yes.  Yes it was.

Today I slept in and it was glorious.  I met Yones, K, and S this afternoon to watch the Husky football game at Buckley’s.

So yes, I’m forcing myself to get out and have fun with other people.  The catch to all this is that I’m having my own personal economic crisis:  I am broke as a joke, and I will be until the end of September.  In the past I’ve just been short on my budget, but this time it’s really really bad.  I may turn this site into a donation drive.

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