Karaoke, Football, etc. Not a bad weekend.

Here’s a picture of me and S of the Bread, which M took at our 20 year reunion.  I stole it from her facebook, because I am a thief of media.

On Friday night I met Hangzhou S, who is back in town for a few days.  He called from the Rickshaw, said it was seedy and lame; I told him to meet me around the corner at the Mandarin Gate.  When I got there, I found him and his friends sitting at a table; the room was brightly lit and there was hardly anyone there.  The host was singing.  By all accounts, it was a bad call on my part to send them there.  They reported that the Rickshaw was more crowded.

It will get better, I said.  I paid my respects to Cocktail Frank, and spoke to him in Chinese for the first time ever.  He is a Hong Konger, which I knew, but I found out he was born in Shanghai to a Cantonese mother and a Xinjiang father.  Yes, Xinjiang, the people who make 羊肉串。

Me and S’s crew ended up singing a lot of songs; near the end some more characters came in, but no one I recognized from ten years ago.  Cocktail Frank wouldn’t sing out of fear of being fired.  I think to our surprised, we shut the place down, and then later made our way to Dick’s.

On Saturday I went out to meet Yones for Husky football (Syracuse at UW).  I thought it would be best to take the bus to the stadium from the Mt. Baker Transit Center, but Yones suggested it might still be early enough to park, so I set out for the UDistrict.  Mistake.  After driving for an hour, I texted Yones that I wouldn’t be meeting him at the Ram; that I was on my way to the Northgate Park and Ride.

Finally I met Yones at Husky Stadium, which, if I haven’t mentioned before, is a spectacular building.  Spectacular.  Qwest Field is also a spectacular place to watch football, but Husky Stadium is open at the east endzone, with views of Union Bay, the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, Mt. Rainier, and all of Lake Washington and the Eastside.

Seriously, this was the view from our seats in section 53.  Just going up the ramp in Husky Stadium is spectacular.

Anyway, the Huskies won, I took video of a PAT and a photo of The Presidents of the United States playing “Lump” with Husky Alumni Band.  After the game I went back to get my car at Northgate and then met Yones and the girls at the Ram, where we had two plates of nachos.  For future reference, there were nacho jokes, and the sea wolf, wolf seal, and yeast ring jokes came back into play from last week.  In addition, Yones and I did synchronized impressions of orca snatching sea lion pups from the beach.

After that, Yones and I went to Ly’s Doughnuts for old time’s sake.  He got a dozen doughnuts, I got a picture of some apple fritters as big as my face…

Today?  Today was a lazy Sunday.  I made yellow lentils with spinach, went grocery shopping, did some laundry.  Had a good chat with B in Shanghai, and started a stupid facebook game.

Next week is the Nebraska game.  I had forgotten how much I loved going to Husky football games, and I’m even more excited now for basketball season.  I’m wondering who will go to games with me…

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