Some unrelated notes on a random day

Today started foggy and dank.  Later the sun came out, but right when I went to remark on it, the wind started blowing.

  • got a cheap bowl of phở at Pho Bac, the place that started it all
  • big fire in Sodo a the old Sunny Jim factory, southbound I-5 backed up for ten miles… I realize I miss Sunny Jim peanut butter
  • took a required series of online courses today on how to spot a child molester… pretty unpleasant…
  • went to the grocery store in plaid flannel pants and adidas slippers; brought shopping bag from Monoprix
  • turned my borrowed caixa upside down and pretended it was a repinique
  • found an English flag I got as pasalubong; wondering where in my townhouse to hang it… suggestions?
  • wireless router came in the mail; ‘easy setup wizard’ refused to recognize the connection… had to do it manually
  • no time to practice xaphoon or ukulele
  • Yeshiva High School got hate-tagged, made me sad
  • speaking of sad, this week’s This American Life:  Life After Death is hauntingly sad, especially Act II:  Soldier of Misfortune.

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