Hoy cumplo 38 añitos

When did I become 38?

I feel like just yesterday I was at my 37th birthday party in Midtown Manhattan, eating fried food and singing karaoke. My 36th birthday I was sitting next to Davidico on Lili’s couch, after a meal of tortilla soup made by Clay, of all people; Leo had made something as well. The year before that I was getting ready to move to China, I feel like I went out with my cowsins to Ipanema grill.

I forgot my wallet today, which is crucial because I need to get my license renewed. I’ll have to grab it after work. The lady at the grocery store was kind enough to let me take an IOU for my lunch.

Facebook is kind of a miracle; the birthday wishes started coming last night, as the sun came up in Asia. Thanks everyone, it’s so nice to hear from you all!

This weekend, I was sick, so I flaked unfortunately on M’s big weekend back in Seattle, which sucks. There was a football game and a movie night. There was supposed to be karaoke, which I was going to try to make despite my mucus situation, but I never got a text… I’m sure the gang called an audible.

Tonight? We’ll see. It will probably be a mellow one.

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