Notes on 10.10.10

Thursday and Friday I was on my school’s faculty retreat.  It’s always nice to be on retreat, and as retreats go this was a good one.  For dinner on Thursday night a bunch of us teachers went to Kokiri Korean BBQ, a restaurant that H and I had gone to when she first got her job.  There was chewy rice cakes, seafood pancake, sweet potato noodles, a lovely soup; we grilled beef, spicy pork, and chicken thighs.  After that we played a game called “Celebrity.”  Yes, I was one of the celebrities.

Friday after the retreat I came home and slept.  Later I met my boyz from college up at Mandarin Gate for karaoke.  We ended up leaving late, and I ended up crashing at Y’s place.

The next morning I woke up and got some pho for breakfast, then went home and slept some more.  Y called me later and we went to Five Guys for burgers.  From there we took a bus to the Husky game, and sat up in section 51, row YY, way up in the nosebleeds.  The game was rainy and disappointing; it was Band Night and the Huskies lost.

We walked 15 minutes in the soaking rain to M’s truck out behind Condon Hall, and he took us back to the Northgate P&R; we met up again at the Über Tavern on Aurora for a pint, and had a pizza delivered from DaVinci up the street.  We ordered the Tandoori Chicken pizza, which was good!  I don’t usually like chicken on pizza, but this was more like eating tandoori chicken with nan, plus cheese and sauce.

Today I’d like to finish grading my papers.  Note that I said “finish;” I will consider it an accomplishment if I start.

No school tomorrow, yay!  But I’m not celebrating that pinche Colombus.

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