Online Eyeglasses

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So I was looking at online prescription eyeglasses instead of grading French quizzes.  There are a bunch of suppliers, many have a good command of English.  A few of them have handy online virtual mirrors; the best ones were Zenni Optical and Global Eyeglasses.  The online glasses are so cheap, the author of an article I was reading said he bought multiple pairs, just because he could afford to.  Immediately I thought of Kiwi J, who was the first person I ever knew who had multiple pairs of glasses.  I guess I just attributed it to extreme vanity, but now I realize it was cheap China prices.

When I got lasik, the doctor warned me I’d probably need glasses after a while, that’s just how it goes.  My vision is way, way better than it was before lasik, but I’ve gotten to the point where I think it might be nice to have glasses when I’m driving, especially if I have to read signs in an unfamiliar place.

I think I have a pair coming through my medical insurance, but I might have to get more glasses and other health-related accessories just to get my flex money back.  Oh and I will get it back.

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