Notes from Halloween 2010

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Just the bullets.

  • The other day a young lady stepped out of the path and started hocking up loogies into the ditch.  I asked if she was ok, and she said yes; she has a condition where her larynx closes up under anxiety.  As she stood up and walked away, a skinny cow in the field below gave her the stink eye, following her with it’s stink-eye gaze as she continued up the road.  What a judgmental cow!
  • Awoke craving phở this morning.  Showered, got in the car, pulled out into the street and wiener dog darts under my front passenger’s side tire.  I slam on the breaks, no thud.  Reverse a little, and wiener dog is giving me the stink eye as he trots across the street and away.
  • Went to Phở Bac for breakfast.  There was a dude at the first table dressed as a hunter; at the second table was Vietnamese Chef Boyardee.  I was annoyed by the soft rock radio that was playing in the quiet restaurant… until a lady in a puffy white jacket–I’ll call her Auntie–started arguing with Grandma, wearing a red knit sweater.  These two are amazing arguers, they talk at each other in Vietnamese simultaneously and ceaselessly.  They are only two women but they sounded like an entire gaggle of angry geese.  In fact I would have thought it was geese, if Auntie didn’t occasionally take a breath and say in “oh my God…” in English, before starting again in Vietnamese.  They continued arguing, simultaneously and ceaselessly,  gradually escalating over a 10 minute period (I became embarrassed for them around the 2 minute mark).   After a while, Chef Phởyardee joined as a force of ShutUp, but he wasn’t able to stop them, and Auntie started to get hysterical.   Phởyardee ended up putting Auntie out of the restaurant, and the adding a brief monologue of his own before returning the audio environment of the restaurant to soft rock radio.   It occurred to me that that wiener dog had been trying to stop me from getting phở.
  • Witnessed the pigeons gathering at 12th and Jackson; forgot that that was their spot.  Crows, on the other hand, gather at Seattle Prep in the late afternoon.
  • D came over to visit; anticlimactic.
  • Neighbors had a solution for drip spout freeze/heating fail
  • Grocery odyssey:   Uwajimaya, Vietwah, Ross.  Saw R in the parking lot.  Must be a sign.
  • Stopped at Archie McFees for a costume.  Decided on Elephant, based on gray sweatshirt I was already wearing.
  • Trolloween.  Belly dancers didn’t belly dance (disappointing) but they did do freaky zombie for longer than anyone could have predicted.  Vamola was awesome; partied from Troll to under the Fremont Bridge.

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