I live in a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom townhouse a few blocks north of Columbia City.  I moved back in mid-August and my budget hasn’t really allowed me to decorate.  But the extra time in an empty town house has given me some ideas for re-purposing the extra space.  Here are my thoughts:

  • Grading lounge.  The old “office” I used to keep upstairs was too bookish, too deskish, too geared toward keeping every piece of paper that ever appeared in my house.  The ‘grading lounge’ will have a couch, a smallish tv, a place to set down a cup of coffee, and a desk big enough for a laptop station or (not “and!”) a stack of papers to grade, and a shredder.    This will differ from the living room in that there is no paper allowed in the living room.
  • Rehearsal studio.  I’ll keep my instruments there, have a computer station for recording, hang sarongs on the wall, Christmas lights, stools and bean bag chairs.
  • Dressing Room.  I don’t want a bunch of clothes stuffed into a closet and drawers in my bedroom.  And why should laundry have to be such an unpleasant, utilitarian experience?

Besides those rooms, I also need a dining table, a living room, and a bedroom.  So no, I won’t have space for all those ideas.  But I can still have ideas.

One thought on “Ideas.

  1. yup…I hear ya…

    I want a library for all my books that are in the den, attic, bedroom closet, under the bed etc.
    I also would like an exercise room and a meditation room. A clothes room would be killer. and a big pantry off the kitchen.

    I need an office that has a big layout desk and regular computer desk, but that is just a few steps away from the living room and bedroom.

    Also need an Architect and about $500K…. Donations will be accepted.


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