What are my options?

This morning I reached for some clean underwear and found that the bin was empty.  I made a mental note to do some laundry and tried to roll with it.  You can’t let a lack of underwear slow you down.  Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride.

What are my options?

I decided to go with pajama shorts, which I never wear to bed.  In fact, upon reflection I realize I only wear them as emergency underwear.   No time for reflection, I thought, gotta catch my carpool.  I reached for socks.


What are my options?

  • Re-wear some socks from earlier this week.
  • Go MiamiVice

Bleak.  How could I let this happen?

Then I thought for a second; I should have plenty of clean socks.  I didn’t skip laundry day!  Either I’ve lost socks or….

I turned around and opened the clothes dryer.  It was full of clean socks and underwear.

See everyone, all’s well that ends well.

Also, if you were part of my life when it was more exciting, before I resorted to blogging about moments of laundry doubt, I miss you.  I dearly miss you.

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