The Thanksgiving Guests

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I got a message from Aric with an A the other day that he’d be coming to Seattle for a weekend.  I no longer look for a rhyme or reason as to why or how that man travels anymore; it’s probably better if I don’t know.  Anyway, the photos above show a before and after of my hearing that Aric was coming to visit.  Notice that the ‘after’ photo shows that I bought shot glasses, and coffee kit (teapot, french press, grinder, coffee mugs).  Because I figured with Aric in town I’d want to do shots and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or two recover.  It may have been unfair of me to just assume like that that there would be shots and recovery….

As it turns out, he couldn’t make it this weekend.  No matter; future guests will benefit from my Aric preparations.

Last year kiwi J was making some noises about coming to visit me in Manhattan over Thanksgiving.  It didn’t end up coming together, but the chance of having a guest to show around gave me another perspective of New York City; it wasn’t enough for me to just try to feel my way around anymore, I actually gotta know some cool places.  Back in Shanghai I had developed a standard tour I gave people; I decided to start paying attention and developing a Manhattan tour.  By the end of my stay in Manhattan I had gathered a few favorite spots….

Anyway, the point is that just the chance of having a friend come visit kind of opened my eyes in a way that hadn’t yet occurred to me for some reason.  So I was ready when folks did start coming to visit me Manhattan; including when my sister did come to visit for Thanksgiving.

Note to self:  work out some new spots in Seattle, because stuff is different now that I’m back.

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