Turkey Day Notes

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The slideshow above is just of the pies my sister and I made to bring to Cowsin C’s place.  Cowsin M took more  Thanksgiving food porn with his monster camera, so when he posts ’em, I’ll link them in.

Here’s how it went today:

  • heat came back on early this morning
  • H came over made the apple pie; I made the banana chocolate cream pie.  The oven door is broken, so we baked the apple pie at Cowsin C’s.  Both pies were hits; Uncle E really like the chocolate cream.
  • The menu:  17 pound turkey, brined and roasted.  Mashed potatoes.  Dressing.  Long beans with bacon.  Auntie R started the gravy, I finished it with some flour and wine.  Cowsin C and I have the same taste in cranberry sauce; the simplest recipe (water and sugar) is the best.  In a candid moment at the dinner table, both of us were very dismissive of orange zest and juice in cranberry sauce.
  • We played XBox Kinect all night.  I wish I could quit my job and learn all the dance moves in the dance game.
  • It was a great day to video chat far away friends.
  • After today I feel like eating giant salads for the next seven days.

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