Blog Snow

I’ve been finding it harder to post lately.  I don’t want to blog about work, and right now work is consuming most of my life.  Besides that, I’m slammed with work so….

So it’s snowing on my blog, and I don’t know why.  I think there’s an occasional snow button hidden somewhere in my blog dashboard, but I haven’t cared enough to go looking for it, much less to research what triggered it.

I had an X-ray of my sacral region yesterday to try to find the source of my back pain.  Nothing showed up on the bone, so the doc suggested that it might be some kind of ligament or tendon thang.  I asked if there was such thing as “tendinitis of the butt crack” but neither my doctor nor the radiologist found my question charming.

I also met with my new nephrologist yesterday, who switched me back to a med I was taking before, before my New York doc changed it.  The meds really seem to be controlling my blood pressure nowadays.

I did a sleep study last weekend, and that showed that I have a mild case of sleep apnea;  “mild” meaning that I only stopped breathing thirteen times an hour.  Somehow my oxygen levels didn’t seem to drop.  I didn’t tell them that I drank a bunch of whiskey that so that I could fall asleep with the sleep study gear taped to me.  This was my second attempt at a sleep study; the first time, I was so uncomfortable with all the tubes and gear that I couldn’t fall asleep.  They told me I would have to take it again, but I was like, screw that, I’m moving to China.

Not much else to report.  I’ve been too exhausted after work/slammed with grading to go to the gym recently.  I’ve been eating considerably more greens and salads lately.  I’ve been buying turnip greens in the bag at Safeway.  Recent salads have involved apples, crumbled gorgonzola, walnuts.   I’ve started a new rice mix, which I mixed with a bag of long grain brown, but for some reason when it’s cooked it looks like white rice with just a handful of wild rice in it.  Not that I’m complaining.

I wish there was a cheese shop in Columbia City.  I miss riding a bike every day.  I bet I would ride more if there was a cheese shop.  Also, I wish I had a bike.

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