Who’s with me?

Due to my recent bout of not feeling well (mucusless flu, mystery back pain), I have spent most of the last 48 hours in bed, trying to sleep it off.

Due to that lack of activity (and because lately, watching my glucose me da hueva), my glucose was a little high this morning.

Not dangerous high, but 145 in the morning is higher than normal people.  Makes me wonder how high it was yesterday.

I’m feeling better today; not sure if I feel good enough to walk in the freezing rain or to go to the gym yet.  The all-over soreness is gone, but I still have the headache and a little bit of the mystery back pain.

So how do I get my blood sugar under control if I can’t burn it off today?  Well, I could a) not eat carbs and sugars, and b) drink booze.

Doesn’t a steak and a martini sound delicious right now?


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