Merry CPAP from Vegas

Merry Christmas!

I suppose it’s the day after Christmas, but I’ve never cared for the word “belated.”  I know some people who act like they’re gonna die if you don’t add “belated” or “early;” as if wishing someone ‘happy birthday” or “merry christmas” on the wrong day somehow weaponizes it.

Anyway, the point is, I’m in Vegas.  It’s not hot here at all, but it is dry and there is some sunshine.  Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • watched a StarWars marathon
  • went bowling
  • braved the balong kakawit
  • lost at bingo
  • failed lumpia experiment
  • free dinner at Coco’s
  • laundry

I’ve also done a bit of cooking here in the desert, I appreciate that jalapeño peppers here are searing hot and gigantor.

Today we’re going to the Wynn buffet–it’s comped, of course, we’re not going to pay full price for that, no matter how fancy it is.  Still, I have to hit the cash machine, just to leave a decent tip!

I think the big news in my life right now is that I’ve been fitted with an A-PAP machine, which is like a CPAP but smarter, I think; it senses the pressure I need and gives me what I need per breath.  It’s a quiet little mini shoebox of a machine on my night stand, with a hose attaching to a mask that fits over my nose.  It pumps warm moist air into my nose under pressure so that my airway doesn’t collapse in my sleep, which means that a) I don’t snore, and b) I don’t have sleep apnea.  A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with a mild apnea;  apparently I stop breathing in my sleep an average of twelve times an hour.  That’s mild!?

Anyway, the story goes that when your brain starts to starve, it releases stress hormones which tell you to wake up enough to gasp for air, which we all know as the frightening snort that you hear from snoring hazards.  After 8 hours of those gasping frightening snorts, you get out of bed sleep deprived and with your body full of stress hormones, which raises your blood pressure.

They offered us three choices of masks; I took the one that fits over your schnoz, as the one that fits over your nose and mouth seemed leaky.  I’m sleeping better now with the A-PAP, but in a few months I’m going to get the new mask, that goes straight up your nose; it’s a little more raceworthy.  We’ll see how that goes.

What’s interesting is that I’m sleeping 8 hours now, and totally able to take a nap after breakfast.  I think that means I’m getting some restful sleep that my body isn’t completely used to.  Without this machine, I sleep six hours max, and I wake up annoyed.

Enough blogging, time for ukulele practice.

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