Poll: If you had 2 hours to spend in Seattle, where would you want me to take you?

I don’t have much of an agenda today.  I’m taking my car to Bratch Autobody; the dude said he’d attach my front license plate for free.  Sure beats the nearly $200 parts and labor estimated by the dealership.

Besides that, I don’t have anything to do until tonight. Maybe I’ll finally make it to the gym.

My friend Aric is stopping by today, he has a layover in Seattle en route to somewhere else.  He’s never been to Seattle, and we only have time for a beer or two.  Any ideas?  Also, he’s a pretty artsy photographer, the kind of photographer who makes seats at a bus stop look meaningful.

So far I’m thinking I’ll take him to Pacific Inn Pub, on Stone north of Lake Union.  I haven’t been there for years.  Another option would e to take him to Alki; the Sunfish and then that Celtic pub down the street that I’ve never been to.  Then again there’s always the Market:  Kell’s and a gyro at Mr. Greeks.  Or the waterfront?  Pioneer Square?  The Unicorn and/or Moe Bar on Capitol Hill?

Guh I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll post a poll.

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