Astiankuivauskaappi – my Finnish dish-drying cabinet.

Drip-drying dishes on your counter in a plastic dish strainer is for CHUMPS. My dishes drip in racks over the sink, sukkaz!

Ok, this post is not going to be compelling for everyone, but some of my American friends on FB are pretty excited about this.  We don’t seem to have this technology in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

I first saw dishes drip drying in a built in cabinet in France in the early ninties; I saw it again in Italy.  It looked like this.  And this.  And this.  Or look here and here.  You can read about astiankuivauskaappi on Wikipedia, or even become a fan of the astiankuivauskaappi on Facebook. And here’s an Italian version.

Anyway, all those links make my little Ikea set up look dinky and lame, but I don’t care, I just more than doubled my working counter space.

Sigh.  Ok, party’s over… time to get back to grading…

UPDATE:  I’ve upgraded my set-up!  Click HERE or on the photo for all the details.

Here’s Dr. B’s set up (click to embiggen):

drb I drb II

5 thoughts on “Astiankuivauskaappi – my Finnish dish-drying cabinet.

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