Beast Mode and It’s On Your Hands

When I think of January 8th, 2011, I’ll think of Marshawn Lynch in beast mode, a moment which is absolutely one of the great moments in Seattle sports.  That’s the memory I’ll want to take with me.

UPDATE:  The celebration of that play literally shook the earth; a minor trembler was recorded in the Stadium district.  /end update

Unfortunately I’ll also have to think of the awful, awful tragedy in Tuscon that may send this country one more step toward lockdown.  I haven’t taken any time to contemplate this event much, but it was interesting how quickly the rhetoric exploded.

We have every reason to believe that the killer was a deranged gunman working alone.  We also know that during the campaign, Sarah Palin’s organization had Congresswoman Giffords on a hitlist, complete with a map with crosshairs, red spots for political opponents they no longer had to worry about, and some inflammatory language using violent metaphors.

Response on twitter from the right called the left “disgusting” and “despicable” for reminding everyone of Palin’s rhetoric, but one thing is clear:  Palin’s people pulled most of the content in question from the web.  Good for them.  Now that six people are dead, they see what incredibly poor taste the political “warfare” metaphors are.  Make no mistake, they were in poor taste to begin with.

They were not, however, able to pull down the material fast enough, as their political opponents grabbed the material, and are now using it to paint that stank onto Palin and her crew.  You know, I’m not a fan of The View, but those ladies called Palin out for this back in March.  Elisabeth Hasslebeck, of all people, called out Sarah Palin; Whoopi Goldberg says “Whatever comes down from this, it’s on your hands.”

Plead for forgiveness.  Pray that we forget about you and let you fade into obscurity.

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