Recipe! How to make Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi fried rice with chicken.

Back in Shanghai, Amber, Leo, and I would walk one block from the Factory to to my apartment for lunch.  I would make kimchi fried rice in my screaming hot wok and we’d eat it and wonder how we got stuck in China.  This is back when we behaved like poor people out of habit.

I used chicken in this photo, but pork is better, and spam is best.  Yes.  Spam is best.  Absolutely.  Use a big fistful of meat for every two people.

Fry up some bite-sized chunks of meat in your screaming hot wok with a good gloop of oil; extra points if you manage to give the meat a good sear.  While that’s happening, chop up a fistful or two of some leftover kimchi into pieces the same size as the meat (if you’re eating with a spoon) or strips (if you’re eating it with chopsticks).  Put aside the kimchi juice; drop the chopped kimchi into the wok with the meat and stir fry it.

Wet your hand under the faucet and crumble your leftover rice in your fingers.  I used my brown/wild rice mix; you can use whatever leftover rice you have.  You’ll need a big fistful of rice (or more) for each person.  Toss the rice around with the meat and kimchi until the rice looks coated with wok juice.  JP’s SECRET:  walk away for the minute and let the rice toast and sear in the screaming hot wok.  Today I could smell the rice toasting, and almost start to burn, and that’s the moment I knew to scrape the bottom and toss it around.  (If you’re really hardcore, you can lower the heat a little, cover and then walk away for a little bit; this will get you a hard-core toasty rice crust.)

This is a great time to start your egg, covered under a low flame.  Keep it runny.

You can repeat the toasting a time or two, depending on how toasty you like your rice to be.  When you’re ready to continue, pour in some kimchi juice (whatever was left on the cutting board, plus a gloop or two from the container) and toss the rice around again, the juice will make it heavier and stickier.  When the juice is distributed evenly, turn off the heat.  At this point you can drop in a tablespoon (max!) of sesame oil and give it a good mix.

Dish it up into a big bowl.  Top with your sunnyside up egg, garnish with roasted seasoned seaweed.

To eat, mix the egg into the rice; the runny yolk mixed into the hot rice will create a rich sauce.

That’s it.  It might not look like much, but damn it’s tasty.

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