Best. Corndog. Ever.

I went to a Thirsty Thursday event at the Unicorn today (the website is a lot of fun) and finally ordered the corndog I had my eye on back in September.  It was the Best. Corndog. Ever.

This post is about a corndog.  It’s not a metaphor or a euphemism;  no coded or secret message.  It”s really about a corndog.

So this corndog at the unicorn is a premium hot dog, not a cheapo one; it’s a big beefy hot dog that tastes hot doggy.  The cornbread is real cornbread, slightly sweet but not cakey; crumby but not crumbly.  It was hand dipped and fried to order, so it was over sized, served on a bbq skewer.  I have never had a corndog this good.

Back in grade school we were served corndogs at lunch occasionally; they were the gross frozen kind.  I was excited the same as everyone else about corndog day but I didn’t actually enjoy them.  I rediscovered corndogs in Taiwan with kiwi J, Cookie, B, and Acha.  The Taiwanese ones were good, and my non-American friends were particularly excited about them, but the corn batter was too smooth and the hotdog unremarkable.  Today’s corndog is either what a corndog is supposed to taste like, or else it’s some kind of super corndog, because it makes me want to forget all those other crappy corndogs I’ve had before.

When it comes to corndogs, Americans tend to be dippers; we dip corndogs in mustard (or ketchup) the same way we dip fries.  In Taiwan, however, the mustard was drizzled in a zig zag pattern, and I find that superior.  Of course, in the US no one would ever presume to dress another man’s corndog, so I had to take care of  it myself. (This is not a euphemism.)

So the Unicorn is a hilarious place, full of unicorn references, bright paint, and taxidermy.  At the apex of the animal trophy display is a water buffalo head with big curved horns, and a cigarette hanging out of its mouth.  The tables are painted with whimsically disturbing images; my table was painted with a circus elephant, and the next table had a blonde cyclops.

I want another corndog right now.  If I concentrate I can remember the taste, and I miss it.  And I’m not hungry, I just stopped at Toshio’s for chicken and kalbi teriyaki combo, no sauce, brown rice.  But it’s the corndog I’m thinking about.

Somebody mentioned wanting to try the the Pacific Inn Pub next Thirsty Thursday, which is absolutely a great idea; beautiful fish and chips.  But I hope I won’t have to wait too much longer for another one of those Unicorn corndogs.

3 thoughts on “Best. Corndog. Ever.

  1. I’ve never been to the Unicorn so I can’t comment on their corndogs. There are only two places I know of that have good corndogs, the place at the Market and Spectator. The Market is great for many things and Spectator, well, Spectator has good corndogs.


  2. A good corndog is a thing of beauty. But slightly disappointed you gave us no pictures of this particular beauty!

    Maybe corndogs will be the new cupcake…


  3. when i was a little boy we would make the annual trek to Shreveport la. to attend the louisiana state fair that was held there. I remember at least one corndog vender there that had corndogs that i swear were made in heaven. they were not those crappy sweet ones that you find these days. i have tried to reproduce that batter several times but have had no luck thus far. If anyone does have a recipe that sounds like what im describing please post it here or email me. thank you


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