Lately I’ve been pretty slammed.

There are several posts in my head that I want to write.

  • I want to do a “My Spots in Seattle” like I did in Shanghai and New York.
  • I’ve been thinking about doing a “Why I left SpanishPod” post, as I’ve been getting a lot of email from people who are disappointed that SpanishPod is shutting down.
  • There’s the oyster knife discussion my sister and mama and I have been having on Facebook,
  • Olympic Week at school, and
  • the new band I’m singing in.
  • I could write about my newly radicalized perspective on chilaquiles.

Next week at school is Olympic week, and the week after that the Frenchies come, and that will be interesting since I’ve agreed to host one of the teachers.  There have been Thirsty Thursdays at the Unicorn and at Pacific Inn Pub, band practices; basketball playoffs are coming up.

The point is, I’m pretty busy, not a lot of time to post.  Don’t worry though, the posts will be written.

Right now I ‘m going to build a bed.  Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Interested in hearing your SpanishPod story. Saw your post about SPod closing and see now on SPod that management is refusing to refund people saying their 30-day chance for a refund has passed. Doesn’t exactly sound like a reputable company.


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