What a great day.

I had an awesome day today.  Here it is by the bullet:

  • When I arrived at school an early dismissal was announced due to threat of snow.  1)  get out early, 2) no study hall.  Double win!
  • Actually taught a communicative French class (i.e., I tricked the students into cooperating)
  • Mentored a student with is faith talk; it’s going to be great
  • Taught an exceptional Spanish class
  • Got a chicken salad wrap for lunch.  I don’t think they charge me anymore
  • Picked up my coress at the airport, he’s a cool guy
  • Walked around Gassworks, Kite Hill, Burke Gillman trail until it started to hail on us
  • Picked out some great pears at Uwajimaya
  • Dinner at Honey Court (Honeycourt prawns, pea vines, almond friend chicken (!!!) egg flour soup)
  • Spoke French all night like a champ, felt good about it, learned/relearned a bunch of words
  • BM came over for PICKLEBACKS and a glass of port
  • Chatted for a few minutes with Kiwi J, he still calls me moit
  • Continued to receive praise for sPod work (and encouragement to start my own thang)
  • Snow is on the ground now; no way there will be school tomorrow.

Also, it was my #1 Favorite Mama’s birthday.  Life is good!

3 thoughts on “What a great day.

  1. Allow me to add my voice to the chorus that is urging you to start your own “thang.” I am an Eastern Orthodox priest who has been studying Spanish on and off for the last 7 years (no, I’m still not fluent). I finally got serious about it two years or so ago. I used a variety of resources that helped, but none were as helpful as Spanishpod101.com, which I found about a year ago.

    I have listened to many of the podcasts from Spanishpod101.com at all levels, and let me say that in my opinion, you and Fernando were by far the best hosts. You were funny without always trying to be, you worked together well, and you both have great radio voices. Needless to say, I was very disappointed when you and Fernando just disappeared.

    I hope you will give serious consideration to starting your own Spanish learning podcast. I believe you have what it takes. Spanishpod101.com is good, but I think you could do something even better. If you do, know that you will have at least one paid subscriber.

    May God bless and direct you.


  2. And may I, too, throw in those words of encouragement for your “own thang.” I’ve listened to both Spanish and French Pod and am always so happy to hear your voice at the start of a lesson. You have an amazing talent for this kind of work. You are clearly an experienced language teacher, as evidenced by the very insightful things you bring up or point out during the course of the lesson. But beyond that, you really have such a great personality that shines through the podcast and makes the lesson FUN. You have that ability to make us listeners feel like we know you, like we actually DO hang out with you for 10 minutes a day, which is a true gift.

    Anyhoo…hope you will consider starting something, or that some great company will come snatch you up and pay you lots of money to start something!


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