Eating Seattle

So there’s a group of French kids here in Seattle on exchange, and I’ve had the good fortune for the last week and a half of hosting one of their teachers.  They’ve done some of the obvious stuff as a group (e.g., Space Needle, EMP, etc), but here are some of the Seattle experiences my frenchie and I have accomplished:

My frenchie house guest has become an enthusiastic food pornographer.

We have not yet gone out to breakfast at 14 Carrot or Silver Fork.  There hasn’t been any dim sum yet,  and sadly no Pacific Inn Pub fish & chips.  They are leaving in a few days, so there are tough choices to be made.

Of course, we haven’t been eating out every meal; when I cooked the other night, he offered to do the dishes!  Insisted, actually.  So I took video, of course…

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