Papa’s got a new pair of shoes

AC told me that one of his goals during his two week exchange visit to Seattle was to buy a pair of Doc Martens.  I took him to the Doc Martens’ retail store in downtown Seattle, but everything was super expensive.  We looked around at other shoe and department stores, but didn’t find much.

On his last night in Seattle, I took AC to the Bon to pick up a new black hoodie.  When we showed up there, we were immediately evacuated by the staff onto 4th Avenue.  As soon as I reached the door, the all-clear sounded and the staff apologized for the false alarm.

We went to the hoodie section, and found that there were no blacks left in AC’s size.  Boo. After some deliberation, he settled on navy blue.  Disappointing, but better than no hoodie at all…

I suggested that we check the shoe department for Doc Martens, and lo and behold, they had one style.  The clerk explained that the Doc Martens people wanted to draw customers to their (hella overpriced) retail store around the corner, so all they had left was this one style.  It was next to a “sale” sign, but it didn’t have a red sale tag.

AC checked the price:  $80.  Not bad!  “Is it on sale?” I asked the clerk, and he said he’d check.

So AC tried on a pair in his size, and they were pretty cool.  And only $80!  Then the clerk came from the back and said, “I checked, those shoes are on sale, so it’s 50% off.”

$40 for a pair of Doc Martens?  “Can I try on a pair of 12s?”

So now I’m trying on a pair of the exact same style of shoes AC has just decided to buy.  40 little bones, sheesh!

Then the guy comes out again and says, I can give these to you presale, for an additional 20% off.

So with very little effort on my part, the price of these cool shoes keeps dropping.  I happily paid for my pair; total with tax $35. When AC went to pay for his pair, I think the guy didn’t know how to give AC the discount on the shoes but keep the hoodie at full price, so AC ended up getting 20% off his hoodie as well.

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