It’s not every day…

There’s been a lot to blog about lately, but I’ve kind of gotten out of the habit.

Last weekend I hung out at J and A’s house.  They’ve built a recording studio in their den, which is a cool hobby.  I sang backup and played piano for a couple of songs.  And now I want to build a recording studio… and have my musician friends come over to hang out and record.  Right?  I can ask them to bring  a bucket of chicken or a bag of greens or something.

Last week I celebrated “Broke Week.”  We only get paid once a month, and there was a lot of spending in February, due to a certain level of civilization one must attain when there are guests from out of town.  So the funds ran a little short the last week of the month.

Broke Week is a good exercise.  I had a little cash in my pocket, and I wanted to keep it there, so I tried taking my coins to the coin counter.  Unfortunately, the coin counter was broken, so I ended up spending my pocket cash on groceries; a carton of eggs, a loaf of crusty bread, a bundle of spinach, etc.  That, plus a couple of free meals, got me pretty easily through Broke Week to payday.

So we have a four day weekend… I work for a Catholic school, so we have a week off after Easter. But because of the moon and the calendar etc., Easter is super late this year.  So out of pity to the teachers, they’ve given us a sanity weekend; Friday and Monday off.

So how did I spend my day off?  Well, the afternoon was busy, but I treated myself in the morning to breakfast for one at the Silver Fork. I am so lucky to live a block from this place.  It’s perfect.  There are fussier, more up-market breakfast places down the street, but the Silver Fork is the Truth.  Actually, now that I think of it, why don’t more breakfast places play Motown?  I cannot think of any better breakfast music.

So I ordered the country fried steak with two eggs over medium and creamy grits.  The server asked me what toast I wanted, and I of course went with wheat…. healthier, right?  He chuckled, and he chuckled again when I told him not to tell my nutritionist that I had ordered that.

Let’s be clear, this was a treat.  I don’t eat like this every day.  In fact, this is the first time I’ve even been to the Silver Fork since… since I moved to China three years ago.  I mentioned this to the server, and he said “oh yah, I haven’t seen you here in a long while!”  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being remembered!

Anyway, it will probably be a while before I return for breakfast.  I like to there for lunch and order the !!Soul Burger… it has two exclamation points, which I’m assuming means you can scream the word “!!Soul” like you’re Rick James.  In case you’re wondering, the !!Soul Burger is a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce tomato pickle onion mustard mayo… and a SPLIT HOTLINK.  Dear Lord, I do love that place.

After that, I drove all over the Eastside.  I took my car out to Maple Valley so Uncle B could hear my belt squeak.  He checked it and said, yah, just spray it with some belt conditioner.  Later I had to drive to Redmond to pick up a new mask for my A-PAP machine.  I took home the kind that goes into your nostrils.  It’s way cooler than the one that fits over your whole damn nose.

On the drive back, my boy R sent me a text about getting pho and singing at the Rock Box, but there was no way…. I was stuck in Eastside traffic.  It amazes me how suburbanites are so afraid of “city” traffic, with theirs is so much worse.  They are interested in not having regional or local trains, but what they don’t pay in transit taxes, they pay in hours of their life stuck in traffic.

Non sequitor.

I wonder what it would be like to work in Columbia City.  I could ride my bike to work every day, eat pho for lunch, that would be cool.  Maybe someday.

4 thoughts on “It’s not every day…

  1. That is the best looking chicken fried steak I’ve ever seen. And grits? Delicious. I may have to come over to Seattle and try this place sometime this week. (Perhaps AFTER my cholesterol test on Thursday.)


    • DJ, I’d love to join you one of these days, but I work mornings every day this week. Let me know if you like it !

      Also, I have the last week of April off, as well as all of June, July, and most of August, so let me know if you want to start a Cholesterol Club.


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